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The Love Luminary
“Pain To Passion Process”

An online assessment and Transformational Coaching Session to reveal the state of your Relationship Wellness!

How healthy are the relationships you are currently attracting?

This amazing assessment, also known as the Energy Leadership Index was developed by Bruce Schneider, PhD. It numerically indexes your Energetic Vibration and reveals your deepest unconscious thoughts, including any unconscious negative self-talk that may be leaking in your relationships. This feedback is powerful information that your friends probably can’t or won’t give you. In your  80-minute follow-up coaching with me, we will analyze your results and learn why you’re attracting the same kind of relationships over and over again. Then you will start attracting the healthy partner who will help you create a life full of vibrant passion, dynamic communication and unconditional love!

Amazed and in awe”

The “Pain To Passion Process” was a huge revolution for me.   After working with Sandy, a relationship I could not end that was not right for me finally ended.  As I raised my vibration to a level that was no longer in line with my partners, I found my love for myself that lead me to move forward. In spite of my fears and doubts, loving myself proved the way to see real change.  Amazed and in awe this process that Sandy understands and teaches, moved me from being stuck and floundering in an abusive relationship to FREEDOM.

Catharine M.   St. Louis

 Yes! Change my energy, Change My Love life! 
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The “Being The One”
6 Month Program

12 coaching sessions with me will catapult you into the life you love – well on your way to discovering the Ultimate Love of your Life!!!

After 12 one-on-one sessions with me you’ll be on the fast track to significant results. Using my tried-and true 10-Step System to Manifesting the Ultimate Love of your life, this program allows us to dive deep into the obstacles that are holding you back in your relationships, develop skills to become a better partner, be more engaged in your life, and free yourself from the fears that keep you stuck! Infused with 3 Miracle Mornings, which are my signature “Sacred Transformational Bodywork” sessions, you will release everything on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level that is holding you back from love! Each and every session will leave you filled new levels of hope, excitement and faith in your personal path to happiness and love.

I have a new outlook on the future!  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Beth and PeteHer “Being the One” Program, including the bodywork, helped me to overcome the hurdles keeping me from love!   After Sandy’s Program, I have a new outlook on the future!  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am ready for new beginnings and relationships filled with peace, joy and passion!  I am ready to meet the Ultimate Love of My Life! 

Update on Beth: A few months after her “graduation” Beth met the Love of her Life!  She and her man are now happily married!  Congrats to Beth and her Man!

Beth P. St. Louis

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