Pain to Passion

Change Your Energy, Change your Love Life!

Sandy’s Signature, “Pain to Passion Process” 

Reveals in just 60 minutes how likely you are to attract the love that you want, instead of the pain of your past!

How would this knowledge and understanding affect your love life?  Transform your struggling lonely single life into a thriving successful partnership!

Discover the Ultimate Love of Your Life NOW!!!!


The Love Luminary “ Pain to Passion Process” Includes:

  • Results of your On-line, “Love Attraction Factor!
  • 60 minute private Transformational Coaching Session.
  • 20 minute Energy clearing and balancing.


This Transformational Session will reveal:

  • How likely you are to attract the love you WANT instead of the pain and heartache of the past!
  • The #1 Energetic block that is holding your back from manifesting your Soulmate and spiritual partner!
  • Begin to open energetically for a complete Love transformation in your life!
  • A Personalized Love Illumination Plan for manifesting the Ultimate Love of your Life!

Everyone who has taken the “Pain To Passion Process” has enjoyed a dramatic shift in his/her love life.

Yes, Sandy!  

I am ready NOW to become a Love Luminary, Manifest my Spiritual Partner,
and discover the Ultimate Love of my Life!

Investment in Yourself for Love:     $ 247.00