Being “The One” Program

Magnetize Your Spiritual Partner and 
Discover the Ultimate Love of Your Life! 


Is your search for Love leaving you lonely and frustrated?
Have you spent years as a single parent, and wondering….when is it time for ME?
Do you dream of connecting on a spiritual level with your soul mate?


Starting now, your search for love can be a deeply satisfying
and enjoyable process–a SACRED JOURNEY filled with excitement and adventure! 


How would you like to:
  • Experience that deep, nourishing, soul expanding love that you can never lose – the kind that only comes through SELF- LOVE?
  • Feel more supported in moving toward your goals, with a partner as your springboard for becoming your best self and living your best life?
  • Be exploring your passions and living your purpose together in service and love in the world in ways you have only dared to dream about?

All it takes is a first step, to stand up and say, I am ready for love. I choose to create Lasting Love in my life now.”


In this 6 month Sacred Self -Love Journey you will:
  • Release, once and for all, past patterns and energy that have kept love from taking root in your life so you can move forward and create strong and healthy love partnerships!
  • Bridge the gap between your head and your heart and raise your personal vibration to love or above to ensure that you become a walking magnet to attract your spiritual partner!

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