My Dream and mission in life

is to help you see the magnificence of who you are! When you do this, and you OWN it, you will become a MAGNET to attract your Soul Mate!  

My Dream and mission in life

My Dream and mission in life is to help you see the magnificence of who you are!

When you do this, and you OWN it, you will attract your Soul Mate!

Sandy’s Personal Sacred Love Journey

I have been right where you are.

I know how it feels to be reeling from a divorce and feeling frustrated, betrayed and alone. I understand how devastating it can be. I know the fear of breaking out of what you know, risking everything for the unknown, and for the morsel of desire to go after your dreams. 

My decision to love myself and commitment to do whatever it takes to find the Ultimate Love of my Life has empowered me.

My divorce journey led me to finding my Soul Mate -- ME.  While this journey was not always pleasant, I knew I was following my dreams and giving my soul a voice.  With my renewed sense of self and purpose, I attracted the love of my life and finally created a marriage that honored my soul.

I also know the joy of loving deeply and wholeheartedly, and then losing that person slowly to an illness and eventually to death. I understand the profound grief that ensues, the strength required to reinvent oneself once again, and find the faith to love once more and co-create a powerful spiritual partnership.

The journey to knowing and loving oneself first, is the foundation of my acclaimed “Being the One” program.  The journey of dating and attracting not just one, but two, deep and powerful spiritual partners, is the secret sauce revealed in my "Divine Dating" program.

Whether you have been through divorce, widowhood and/or dating in your 40's or 50's, I have been on those parts of the journey and can light your path! It is my purpose, passion and honor to help you on your own unique journey to finding your Ultimate Love  as well.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

Sandy’s Professional Journey

Many people refer to me as the “Love Luminary”, or their Love Coach. Through coaching, deep listening and Divine Guidance, I use my gifts to help clients to heal, reconnect with their inner wisdom and step into their power and purpose. Through highly integrated, holistic therapies, my clients release their hidden barriers to love and reconnect to their true selves, becoming a magnet to their soulmate and creating the relationship of their dreams. I am passionate about holding space for my clients to dream, vision, create and ultimately find themselves in their journey of self, leading them to attract their spiritual partner.

I am a Professional Certified Coach for both singles and couples, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Retreat Coach. I hold my PCC certification through the International Coach Federation and have served on the Leadership Team for the ICF St. Louis Chapter.

Professional Credentials

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