Your Love Attraction Factor

Have heard the term, “your vibe attracts your tribe”?  Well, it is true!

Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions all vibrate at a certain level.  This vibration is unknowingly attracting everything in our lives- both the good and the difficult.

If you have been wondering why the “the law of attraction” is not working as well for you as you would like in attracting love and abundance in your life, then this session will be transformational and eye-opening for you!

The Love Attraction Factor  Session reveals in just a few minutes how likely you are to attract the love that your heart and soul deeply desires, instead of the heartache of your past!

How would this knowledge and understanding affect your love life? Are you ready to harness the Law of Attraction to bring you your ideal life partner, your soul-mate and spiritual partner?

love mandala

Your “ Love Attraction Factor” Includes

  • Results of your On-line, Energy Leadership Assessment!
  • 60 minute private Transformational Coaching Session.
  • 30 minute Energy clearing and balancing.

When you change your Energy you change your love life!

Those who have taken the “Energy Leadership Assessment” have enjoyed a dramatic shift in their energy and their life. Read the Research Report here.

This Transformational Session will reveal

  • How likely you are to attract the love you WANT instead of the pain and heartache of the past!
  • The #1 Energetic block that is holding your back from manifesting your Soulmate and spiritual partner!
  • Begin to open energetically for a complete Love transformation in your life!
  • Personalized Love Illumination Plan for manifesting the Ultimate Love of your Life!

Are you ready now to discover your Love Attraction Factor*, revealing the keys to manifesting the Love of Your Life?

This 90-minute session is available for $297
Both remote and in-person clients can be accommodated

* The Energy Leadership Index TM was developed by Bruce Schneider, PhD, founder of iPEC.  This fascinating tool numerically indexes your Energetic Vibration and reveals your deepest unconscious thoughts, including any unconscious negative self-talk that may be leaking in your relationships. This feedback is powerful information that your friends probably can’t or won’t give you.

All great journeys start with a conversation Begin your Sacred Love Journey with a breakthrough session here!