Now is The Time To Love

now is the time for love

As we settle in to week 4 of our new normal of staying at home, I wanted to share some thoughts and encouragement for the weeks to come.

Now that the global pause and reset button has been pushed, the more fortunate of us find ourselves with a lot more of a precious resource that we used to feel we lacked:  TIME.  How will you choose to spend these hours at home?  It is heart warming to see everyone pouring out their creativity and love on social media and around the community.

With huge gratitude for the front line workers who are risking their lives to save and protect the vulnerable, I talk today to those that do feel safe at home, have their basic needs met and are open to asking the question, “How is this an opportunity for me to grow, transform and love more deeply?”

“One day” has arrived. NOW is the time to love.

Perhaps this is the exact medicine that we have all been waiting for to enhance all of our relationships.

This is a time of the Great Turning. A time to turn inward.  A time to turn toward each other emotionally and spiritually.  A time to grow and transform in all areas of our lives, and especially our relationships.

Now is the time for what matters most. Now is the time to Love.

For successful singles:

Have you been saying “one day” I will get on a dating site and see who is out there?

Well, one day is here!  This is the perfect time to put yourself out there.

Times such as these have a way of bringing out more of the truth in everyone.  During the shift, people will show us who they really are.  We are no longer hiding behind the masks of busy-ness and overwhelm.  You will be able to tell right away who lives in fear and who lives in hope.  Choose to progress further with those that have hope. Now is the time to love!

Not sure what you really want in a relationship or your vision for your ideal partnership?  Use this time to go within the sanctuary of your own heart and soul and find out.  Check out my Being the One Program. Now is the time to Love.

For dating couples:

Is this the partner you can truly see sharing your life with in good times and in bad?  How are you and they handling the changes?  Notice how you show up and how they show up.  Gather your courage and say the things your heart really wants you to say.  True love turns toward each other, even when they are afraid.  Vulnerability brings intimacy. This is a time you can find out what each of you truly value and hope to create in the world.  Do you align?  Check out my Divine Dating Program.  Now is the time to love.

For committed couples:

What talks and issues have you been putting off?  What have you been sweeping under the rug?

How might you re-kindle your romance and remember why you said yes to each other in the first place?

Check out my Radical Marriage Program. Now is the time to Love!

For Everyone:

Now is the time for SELF -LOVE!   In this massive virtual planetary pause, the most important relationship is with ourselves.   Meditate, journal, take a bath, get out in nature, express your creativity, and do that thing you have always wanted to do!

The hamster wheel of our lives has virtually stopped, and I hope that who we all are on the other side of this virus is more of who we really want to be! Now Is the time to Love!

This is a sacred time for transformation, growth and love.  If you would like to use this precious time to create a life you love with the love of your life by your side, my Being the One Program for singles, and Divine Dating Program for dating couples, or Radical Marriage Program will give you the support and sacred space needed to create your Spiritual Partnership!

If you would like to choose love during this sacred time, I would love to support you!  Book your Love Breakthrough Session here!  This will remain a complimentary service during this time of great need.

Blessings and love to you on your Sacred Love Journey.  Now is the time to Love.