Opening Ourselves To A New Decade

woman on snowy mountain

May your holiday season be filled with time to rest, reflect and enjoy the presence of your loved ones and of the birth of Love into this world once more. I would like to share a poem I wrote with you:


As the end of a decade now comes to a close,

Let’s look back on our journeys of highs and of lows.

Our ego will judge them as good or as bad.

Yet our soul knows the lessons that each experience has had.

May we honor each one for the learning and love.

All of which, ultimately, comes from above.


As we open ourselves to a new year and new decade, we might wonder:

  • What possibilities stand waiting for us to encounter?
  • What does our heart and our soul yearn for in 2020?
  • What do we envision for our life and relationships in this new decade?
  • What experiences would be so thrilling that we would be willing to dedicate ourselves to them?

As I ponder these questions, I am reminded of a poem by Robert Holden:

Before you dedicate your life
to a person, a marriage, a family;
to a corporation, a political party,
a peace campaign;
to a religion, a revolution, a
spiritual path;
make one other dedication first.
First dedicate yourself to LOVE.
Decide to let Love be your
intention, your purpose and
your point.
And then let Love inspire you,
support you, and guide you
in every other dedication
you make thereafter.

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I am wishing you and yours a blessed and sacred holiday season filled with love, joy, laughter and fulfillment! From My heart and home to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and cheers a to decade where Love and Light lives in the hearts of us all!