6 Reasons to Say Yes to Yourself Through Retreat

Refresh, Renew, Retreat!


I was 16 years old when I attended my first retreat.  My older siblings had done a similar retreat at my age, and they had returned in one piece and were somehow nicer and more relaxed after their weekends, so I figured I would give it a try and I said, “Yes!” “Yes” to travelling a few hours away from home for a weekend to spend with a group of people I had never met.  “Yes” to not knowing what was going to happen on that weekend!  “Yes” to answer the call deep inside that was urging me to go, get away, and take the chance!  I will be forever grateful for having the courage to listen to myself that day and say “yes”, as it turned out to be one of the most transformative weekends of my life!  It was the beginning of me learning to say “yes” to myself.  And it was the beginning of my love affair with retreats!

Almost every major turning event in my life since that day can be marked by times that I went “on retreat”.  Sometimes they were organized weekends with my faith community, other times they were my own self-directed forays with my family, visiting sacred spaces like Sedona or a quiet weekend at my family’s river cabin, and then sometimes they were even adventurous vacations with enough quiet time set aside to listen and just be.  Every single one of those times, something magical has unfolded for me in perfect harmony and alignment for where I was on my sacred journey called life. More wisdom, reconnection and clarity happened!  Fun Happened. Joy happened.  Learning happened. Most of all, transformation and a better understanding of myself and my journey happened in ways that would never have been able to in my busy, day to day life!

So much of life today is wrapped up in frenetic, hurried, and busy energy.  Time…. Is there enough time to get it all done?  Paradoxically, when we slow down more often, we get more of the truly important things in life done.  That is the power of saying “yes” to going on retreat.  Here are a few more of my favorite reasons:

 6 Reasons to ‘Just Say YES’ to a Women’s Retreat

  1. Improve your relationships.  The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself, and when that one is solid and strong, you show up as the best partner, parent, friend and co-worker.  You give best when you give from a full bucket.  Retreats are time for you to receive and you will fill your bucket to abundance.
  2. Gain clarity and focus on what really matters to you.   Taking time away from your busy routine allows a sacred space for learning and growth. In the quiet spaces of retreat you have time and space to listen to the whispers of your heart and the yearning of your soul.   Taking time away on retreat can give you that clarity and focus that you need most!
  3. Understand and appreciate how hard you work. Do you really realize how hard you work, day in and day out?  Going on retreat will make this clear to you, and perhaps open up a space for you to bring some of the solace and quiet time back into your everyday life.
  4. Make new friends, soul sisters for the journey.  Sometimes in life when you are committed to your own personal growth, you can feel a bit stuck with the old energy of your old group of friends.  It can be hard to go out and just make new friends.  Going on retreat can create life long bonds with women who share your same values and ideals that perhaps you would not ever be able to meet.  They share your love of personal growth and fun and can be an added resource of support in your life!
  5. Let go of old ideas that keep you stuck and step into a new healthy mindset. The best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new healthy one. When you get out of your regular routine for a weekend, you can replace unhealthy habits with conscious new behaviors that support you in being your most authentic self!
  6. Improve your business and professional life!  The most successful entrepreneurs in the world give themselves the time to get away, sometimes as often as a week every month, to relax, recharge, and reconnect.  They know that deep and profound ideas only come when getting away from the daily grind to allow SPACE for something new to emerge.  The best leaders in the world know this self-care is THE vital secret to their success.

So today, give yourself permission to take some time out for you and find a time and place to take a retreat!  Whether it is 3 minutes, 3 hours or perhaps even a 3-day weekend retreat, I encourage you to say “Yes!” to yourself in this life transformative way! If you live in the St. Louis area, here is the perfect opportunity for you to say “yes” to yourself, and reconnect with your Joyful Authenticity!  Learn more and register: www.stlretreats.com.

If you prefer a more personalized journey, diving deep into your own spirit and soul and desire to transform from heartache into your heart’s desire, then contact me for your personalized “Love Illumination” session.  www.TheLoveLuminary.com