Which Story are you Ready to Release?

Welcome to my Soul-Mate Seekers! This is my second soujourn into the world of blogging. After beating myself up for months that I really “should” start a blog, a simple request from a friend of mine on a FB thread finally prompted me to start writing. She asked that I share some wisdom that I learned at a recent Oprah Lifeclass that was held here in St. Louis. I was blessed to be in the audience, and here was my biggest take-away.

“What is your Story?” That was the big questions that co-host and Relationship Expert Iyanla VanZant was asking the audience. The story of our life is important. It has brought us to where we are today. Yet, we are very attached to our story. The more that we believe our stories to be our truth, the more it holds us back from the magnificence that is inside each one of us.

So, what is my story? One of the stories that I tell myself is “ I am not a writer.” “I am not a writer, so why would I write a blog?” “Would anyone really want to hear what I have to say?” While holding tightly to this story, I have only written one blog post and that was a year ago! So today, I toss away my old story and replace it with something new: “I choose to share my voice with the world in many ways, just one of those being a blog!”  That old limiting belief that kept me small, and I thought, “safe” is no longer needed. My new empowered truth has taken its place!

My real truth is this: My voice matters. I am a writer, as well as a coach, healer, leader and there are people in the world who will benefit by my sharing my voice in this way. How would it feel for you to know that was your truth as well? What would you do differently today if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the world was ready and waiting for you to show up with your gifts? That lives would be changed for the better, simply because you shared something that you were born to share?

I challenge you today to uncover just one of your stories that is keeping you from living your most magnificent life! What is it? Perhaps it involves love and your worthiness to attract Big Love into your life. I know it may have felt like it kept you safe (and single) for a long time, but if you are thinking the thought and reading this now, you are ready for a new story! Write your old story down, and burn it up! Now recreate the NEW story that you choose to be true for you! We all have the power to create the thoughts that will bring us to where we want to be in life. Choose the new paradigm you would like to be true for you, and watch your life transform in ways you never thought possible.